Brand Engineering, Identity Systems and Strategic Design Support

Monoform provides strategic design, an organization-wide transformational activity that creates added value, helps get the edge over competitors, humanizes corporations, and makes sense of stakeholders.

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Brand Engineering

Monoform turns brand development into a transparent business process.

With today’s technological advances “doing things right” is easier than ever, while “doing the right thing” might get harder and harder. Our systemic proprietary methodology cuts through the fog and brings your organization’s core to life.

Branding gives meaning to an organization by shaping its idea in stakeholders' minds. We engineer brands by integrating with your business goals, strategic directions, and company values, going beyond mere creative concepts. Our brand positioning, brand strategy, and brand architecture services provide actionable directions that deliver differentiation from the competition on all levels of the company. Monoform acts as an interface through which your company's essence can be realized into action and effectively meet the demands of the market. You have the power to turn the dials and shape the outcome.

Identity Systems

Monoform designs timeless systems that survive the real world and empower our clients.

Identity systems orchestrate every facet of your company to communicate seamlessly. This allows organizations to stand out from the competition, creating a unique space in the market. Identity systems empower brands operationally and give in-house teams the autonomy to design and communicate effectively while your brand’s essence remains intact.

Our services cover 360° of an organization’s touchpoints: visual identities, naming & communication, user experience & user interface design, print design, packaging, product graphics, advertising, and wayfinding systems … No matter the complexity, we believe there exists a singular most effective form of identity for your company.

Strategic Design Support

Monoform cultivates excellence with decades of strategic design expertise.

Our strategic design support leverages 35+ years of hands-on experience and insight into different industries to identify strategic design opportunities and prepare initiatives for their advancement.

Brand & Design Consulting

We offer regular, actionable improvement suggestions and oversee the results of design and communication projects. Our services empower existing in-house teams and help with coordinating external agencies.

Brand Scan & Evaluation

We offer a unique introspective into your brand by analyzing key communication materials and brand touchpoints. This strategic audit highlights good practices and uncovers opportunities for improvement to elevate your brand’s market position.

Feedback & Mentoring

From user experience, visual identity, and type designers to editors, writers, musicians, and MBAs, we offer expert mentoring in various client-tailored forms that combine personalized advice with industry best practices.

Brand Libraries & Tools

We equip your brand with user-friendly templates, extensive design system libraries, and bespoke design tools that streamline your creative processes, leverage the latest AI tech and safeguard the integrity of your brand.